I started fishing at the age of 5 on my local rivers and lakes then progressed into sea fishing as I got older and learnt to drive, I love my shore angling but also dabble in the boat and lure side too. The most enjoyable part of the sport in my eyes is the social aspect when me and the lads are out having a laugh and just enjoying the fishing, catch or blank it doesn’t matter, we will always make the most out of a session. I love the writing side of things and I wrote for Total Sea Fishing magazine for a few years before it was unfortunately shelved so that’s one of the reasons I set this website up, to share our fishing experiences through both our  written pieces and you tube videos. I hope you enjoy everything you read or watch on the Addicted2Angling website and hopefully our passion for the sport will shine through and inspire you to go out and get fishing.






Scott  (MIDI) Lewin

Scott says ” My fishing goes back over 30 years to when my dad and grandad took me with a float and a few maggots on the Norfolk broads . I did that for a few years on some of the lakes around Suffolk until they took me sea fishing for the first time in the River Orwell, I will never forget that day with my first ever sea fish which was a flounder. I’ve never had a fish pull so hard on my rod, once on the bank it was weighed at 2lb 3oz, that fish hooked me on sea fishing. I really wanted to hold that rod and feel that flat fish pull again.
Years went by going to the beaches and rivers catching fish but i wanted to learn more about sea fishing so i joined a local club, Felixstowe Sea Angling, they were a great help to me from learning about bait, rigs, tides, weather, venues and casting.
So as i was in a club i gave match fishing ago and  well that was a whole new game which i liked even more you never stop learning in fishing which is the best part .
So on the whole sea fishing took over and has done ever since, whether its with Matty  travelling 200 miles away after Smooth hounds or going to dig bait at 3am I enjoy it all ..






Steve said ” I still have as much fun now as I did 25 years ago when I started fishing with my dad and I still have the same buzz and excitement every time I know I’m off to the beach for a dangle. Living less than 20 minutes from the coast means this is a regular occurrence for me. Added to my love for fishing is now a desire to try new things and chase new species with a group of very committed anglers but more importantly good friends. I am achieving these little missions and targets and having a whole heap of fun on the way too!!!”






Tom says “I have been fishing for as long as I can remember. I enjoy targeting all species of sea fish, and I also do a lot of pike Fishing, but my favourite is definitely targeting bass on light tackle or lures. I love going to marks where no one goes and finding out how to fish it. My dream fish would be a double figure Suffolk bass on a lure”