This is what you will catch us doing the majority of the times we head out, fishing both locally and also travelling a lot of miles hunting for specific species on road trips. We love all aspects of shore fishing from little maddies on size 10 hooks for the smallest of Flatfish up to big heavy ground fishing for Conger and Bull Huss. If you ever see us on the beach pop over and have a chat we enjoy meeting new people and having conversations about all things sea fishing. You will find our latest shore fishing blog at the top of the list below.

Summer Holiday Shenanigans

Clear Waters & Thornback Rays

Welcome To Suffolk…

This Is Meant To be July!

And So It Begins

Lofoten Shore Fishing – Virgin Waters

A Little Dab’ll Do Ya

The Beach Of Broken Dreams

Wet & Windy At Rockling City

Chasing Shadows

Plan C – Wet, Windy and Rough

It’s October And I Hate Whiting Already

Hiding Up From The Storm

Happy Birthday To Me!!

Micro Bass Madness On The River

Mayweed Mayhem On The Dirty Wall

Making Memories On Orford Ness

The Suffolk Sole Hunt: Vol 1


Rough Ground For The Hound’s

The Portugeezer!

Tails Of The Unexpected!!

Take A Hike

Smash And Grab!!

Chesil Summer Sessions

From Minecraft to Maddies

Trunch Date