I am part of the Grauvell Worldwide promotional team, here I will showcase the amazing products they have to offer and do reviews on the tackle. I would not be associated with just anybody, I have to have faith in the tackle I am using to even think about promoting it to other anglers. With this in mind I became associated with Grauvell and have had no issues with anything i have used that they make so I am more than happy to recommend it to other anglers. To view the latest products in all the ranges follow this link to the website Grauvell

Grauvell Vertix Tripod Rod Case

Grauvell Teklon SURF COMPETITION ll

Grauvell Vertix ECLIPSE VITESSE Rod

Grauvell Teklon CHINU IZU Hook

Grauvell SPARTA LC-MT Rod

Grauvell Vertix DIVINE Reel

Grauvell Vertix ZENET Reel

Grauvell Vertix Eclipse 13.8 FT