Summer Holiday Shenanigans

I love the summer holidays, getting to spend time with the kids and going on lots of different days out. Of course there always has to be a days fishing involved somewhere along the line, killing two birds with one stone. On the one hand we get to spend time on the beach getting a line in the water and on the other its a day out with the kids getting fresh air and generally having a great time by the sea. The day just gone was one of those days, my wingman Steve and I were to head to a local mark and see if we could find a hound or 2 for the kids to get involved with.

The original plan was to head to a mark we knew was producing hounds, this was a bit of a walk but it was almost guaranteed to catch up there at the minute. Unfortunately the weather had other ideas and the spell of settled conditions came to an end on the morning we were due to depart. Dark clouds rolled in and the heavens opened, messages were pinged back and forth with me very nearly opting for an indoor play centre instead, I could see it slowly clearing up though so I chucked the stuff in the car and made my way to Steves. The plan now was to fish a mark closer to home so if the weather turned nasty we could bug out fairly quick.


We arrived at the mark and made our way to the beach, conditions looked ok with a nice calm flat sea but the water clarity was superb meaning that chances of fish was marked down big time. We were here now so we would make the most of what we had in-front of us, there is always a chance of a hound or 2 on this mark and it throws out lots of rays too so we both agreed we could still get into something half decent between us. I was on the one rod fishing an urfe with a long snood coming off it to a single size 2/0 chinu hook, loaded onto this was going to be small squid baits mainly head and guts with a bit of body whipped in to toughen it up. Steve was on 2 rods fishing one with rag and squid on a pully and one with a flapper loaded with ragworm baits to see if he could pick out some species. The baits were sent out and we scurried under the shelters, the drizzle was still falling but that did not put the kids of, they were having a whale of a time playing amongst themselves.



We had arrived an hour after high and as our rods bowed around in the tide run I spotted a slight tug on my line, this was followed up by a slow slackening of my braid. I had a fish on but it most certainly was not a hound or a ray and a pristine little school bass slid up the shingle which was soon returned and a new bait was sent out. Steve was the next in and a nice bend in his rod showed that he hounds were here, after a spirited scrap a beautiful hound that went 6.9lb’s was beached. The kids were fascinated by this fearsome looking fish, thoughts of Jaws must have been flashing though their minds but we soon explained how harmless these dopey fish were and after some photographs she was released.



That was it for the hounds for the whole afternoon, we both managed more schoolies but the gin clear water and bright sunshine had killed the fishing. Both Steve and I laid back on the shingle soaking up the warm August sun planning our next few trips on the beaches. This I fear may be the last of the real summery days for this year and winter is now looming upon us bringing with it the locust like swarms of whiting, will the cod turn up this year? Who knows but one thing is for certain we will be on a mission to find proper cod from local shores once those shorter days start rolling in.

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